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Well, I think you did such a great job, Stacey. Thank you for having me.  I work out of Austin, Texas and in Los Angeles, California.  It’s interesting, my journey with PDO Threads, I think that I’ve been doing threads for probably about three and a half years now. And I am a surgeon first and foremost. So initially, when PDO Threads came to the market, you know, I think all of us surgeons were kind of like, why would

My name is Barbara Bedford, I’m an adult nurse practitioner licensed in the state of New York, I have a DNP, meaning a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. So out of respect, my clients call me Dr. B. I own my own and operate my own medical spa since June 2015. In St. Albans, Queens, seeing probably nearly 3000 or more clients in a year. I really enjoy the medical aesthetic field, I also own a skin and a makeup